Who is?

That's easy: KatMausie photography stands for an enthusiastic street photographer based in the Netherlands, not to serious about his photography and looking for a way to show off. And this guy is only half of the KatMausie part (the latter part to be precise).

If you are looking for a professional photographer, walking around with a lot of expensive gear and trying frantically to make a living out of his work - look further. If you are thinking about meeting me to shoot on the streets - contact me. If you are willing to make the trip to the centre of the Netherlands or willing to start a free B&B just for me - contact me for sure.

For me, street photography is just the logical genre for my shooting mood. When I started traveling with my wife (and later family) to mainly Asia, I began to try to capture those special moments. Especially the candid shots were always my favorite. As I did a starters course on photography and joined a local photo club a couple of years ago, I always had the likings more for candid work. By listening to some podcasts, getting rid of my bulky DSLR and giving myself a challenge for 2016, I joined the Dogwood 52 week challenge (see over here). That was my real start in the street photography world. For now I almost exclusively shoot street scenes, trying to get closer to the people. If you like it - let me know. If you don't - I still love you.

And if you are really wanted to know about my professional life and so on - there is this cv page I made (see over here). Just a little downside: it is in Dutch.

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